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Valence means “preparation” or “extraction,” from the Latin valentia and valor, meaning “strength, capacity, worth, value.” It has definitions in the fields of chemistry, psychology, linguistics—and now music.

Chemically speaking, an element’s valence is its inherent ability to attract (or repulse) other atoms in molecular bonding. In psychological studies, emotions have either an attractive or repulsive valence—joy has a positive valence; fear, a negative valence. The linguistic definition of valence is the number of grammatical elements (subjects and objects) a verb must “attract” within a given sentence to convey a coherent, syntactically correct thought.

Here, Valence is a musical project testing the allure—one hopes!—of diverse electronic (hard) rock. What pieces in the music are required to hook the listener? Several genres of electronic music have been combined to form a complete thought with the desire of creating positive emotions. The experiment is considered a success if at least one of these songs appeals to you on a fundamental level. Shall we put their valence to the test?

To contact Valence for collaboration, remixes or discussion, send us an email.